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Trended account details report (General Ledger)

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Learn about the trended account details report in MindBridge.


Note: Learn how to generate Reports in MindBridge.

The trended account details report is an exported .XLSX file that provides a full set of financial information for each account in the analysis.

This is reflected on a per month and per year basis. This report can also be used to generate custom analyses, reports, and ratios.


The trended account details report contains the following columns:

  • Account ID Description
  • Account Grouping Code
  • Account Grouping Levels 1-4
  • Account Mapping Tags
  • NTR Source
  • NTR Category
  • Period Start
  • Period End
  • Debit Amount
  • Credit Amount
  • Average Risk
  • Opening Balance
  • Closing Balance
  • Average Daily Balance

You can switch year views by changing sheets at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

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