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Create a new library

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Learn how to create a new library.

A library contains sets of analyses and settings that can be customized, which allows you and your team to standardize engagements firm-wide. Once a library is created, it is available to all users in the tenant. It can also be applied to new organizations by users with Organization Creator privileges.

Configuration details

You must be an App Admin to create a new library.

Navigate to the Libraries tab

  1. Open the sidebar from anywhere in MindBridge.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select the Libraries tab.
    You will see a list view of all libraries available in your tenant

Create a new Library

  1. Select Create library from the top right corner of the libraries list.
    The "Create library" window appears. 
  2. Enter the Library name.
  3. Select a Base Library.*
  4. Select the Analysis types you wish to use.
  5. Select the Account grouping you would like to apply to this library.
  6. Add Industry tags by selecting an existing option from the dropdown menu, or create a new tag by entering it into the field.
  7. When all fields are complete, Create the new library.
    New libraries are listed under the Libraries tab on the Admin page.

Cancel at any time to discard the new library and go back to the Libraries tab.

*Note: All new libraries must be based on an existing library to extract predefined ratios, filters, and control points for analytics. 
Tip: If you are using MindBridge's base library's ratios with an account grouping, make sure to tick the box that says "Convert library ratios to new account grouping (this may take a few minutes)." Convert_ratios_checkbox.png

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