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Convert negative credit values into positives

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The following article details how to convert negative numerical credit values into positive numerical values.


If the data contains separate Debit and Credit columns, all numbers in said columns must be default positive balance (excluding reverse entries)  before the file is imported into MindBridge.

Because MindBridge automatically converts the "credit" column into negative values, importing a credit column with negative values will result in a double negative.

Note: If the data file contains a single "Amount" column, debits will need to be positive and credits negative. 

Convert negative credit values into positives

  1. Select the entire column you want to convert.
  2. Copy the column by pressing Ctrl+C on PC or ⌘C on Mac.
  3. Right-click within the first cell in any blank column and select Paste Special.
  4. Select Subtract under the section called Operation.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Rename your old and new columns as needed.
  7. Save your file.

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