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CivicView: General Ledger Export

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Learn about the process of exporting a General Ledger file from CivicView.

Configuration Details

Using the Export Utilities, export the (batch) transactions for your desired audit period.


Note: Before importing into Excel, open the file in Text Editor and change the first line to remove the text string that appears in the first row of data. This can be done to the export Excel file as well.  

After importing the text file into Excel, perform the following actions:

  • Insert a new row 1, which includes the MindBridge required columns.
  • Change column J (Amount) so the formatting is #,###.00.
  • Apply a filter to Column A to only show Control Acc (Ledger Acc) and not the full account number.

The exported report should look like this:

CivicView exported file example


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