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Exchequer (UK): General Ledger Export

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Learn about the process of exporting a General Ledger file from Exchequer (UK Version).

Configuration Details

Note: When importing an Exchequer export file into MindBridge, some data manipulation may be required. 

Exchequer requires some data manipulation in order to ingest into MindBridge. If you have a client on Exchequer please get in touch with Customer Success. 

  1. Open Exchequer and Export your General Ledger. 
    exchequer global reports menu with general ledger based selected

  2. Set the Period/Year Range to your desired audit period. Set the rest of the settings should as show below and click OK.
    exchequer general ledger history report screen

  3. From the Print Setup Panel, click the Excel tab. Be sure to save your file in a location you can reach later. and that all the checkboxes in the Export Options area unchecked.
    exchequer print setup screen

Once your General Ledger (GL) has been successfully exported, please send the file over to Customer Success at MindBridge, who will format it for you.

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