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Exchequer: Export the general ledger

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Learn how to export a general ledger file from Exchequer. 


Exchequer Global is a ERP (financial management system) that is common in the UK.
This guide was written for the UK version but may work for other versions also. 

Extract data

  1. Select Reports, then select General Ledger Based > General Ledger History. 

    exchequer global reports menu with general ledger based selected

  2. Select the Period/Year Range and set it to your desired audit period.
    Check the rest of the settings match the image below and select OK.

    exchequer general ledger history report screen

  3. From the Print Setup Panel, click the Excel tab.
    Select a location on your machine that you can access later.
    Ensure that all the checkboxes in the Export Options area unchecked.

    exchequer print setup screen

  4. Proceed to export your file. Check that the file looks correct in Excel. 


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