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Access Dimensions: General Ledger Export

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Learn about the process of exporting a General Ledger file from the UK version of Access Dimensions

Configuration Details

Note: The below guide was created using the UK version of Access Dimensions. 

  1. Click the Home tab at the top of the tool. 
    access dimensions toolbar with home button selected

  2. Click Financials and then Nominal Transactions.
    access dimensions toolbar with financials to nominal transactions selected

  3. Select criteria below and the period(s). Once completed, you can export to Excel.
    excel export example

    Conversely, you can adjust the way in which the output file is exported. 
    access dimensions export options screen

Note: "The file will be created in the directory" has been redacted to hide identifiable information, but you will see the directory (on your local machine) where the file will be saved to.


When clicking the Delimited (commas) drop-down menu, you will be presented with a number of options. These allow you to specify the type of delimited requirements you can apply to the file.

access dimension output menu with delimited commas selected

It should be noted that it's beneficial to export data in Delimited (commas), while also selecting the Enclose Text in Quotation Marks option. The reason for enclosing text in quotation marks is to prevent any potential export issues that may arise as a result of organization methods of entering information into the General Ledger (GL).

For instance, if the memo field contains commas (example: "This is an example of, a memo field") then Excel would confuse the "," in the memo field as a delimiter, and would then push "a memo field" to another cell column.

Selecting the Enclose Text in Quotation Marks option should mitigate this issue.

As this file requires some manipulation, please contact your Customer Success Manager once you have received it.


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