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General Ledger Export - Xero (Adviser Permission)

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Note: The below guide was created using the UK version of Xero.  However, it should still be a valuable reference article for other versions of Xero.  

To export the General Ledger (GL), you need the Advisor user role, which exposes the Adviser tab. Follow steps below to export GL data in CSV or XLS format from Xero:

Note: We also support text (.TXT) files, and Tab Separated Files (.TSV) - as long they're properly delimited. Common delimiters are comma ( , ), pipe ( | ), tab (    ), and semicolon ( ; )

In the Adviser menu, click Export.


If prompted, add a "code to accounts" in your Chart of Accounts (COA). If you don’t add a code, another accounting product not import your data properly.

Click Caseware to generate an additional field called Journal ID, which will be used as the Transaction ID within MindBridge.  


Select the date range of the data to export.


Click Download. When finished, open or save the file.

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