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NetSuite: Export the general ledger

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Learn about the process of exporting a general ledger file from NetSuite.


Extract data

Open the video in YouTube for high resolution. 

  1. Navigate to Reports → New Search.
  2. Select Transaction.
  3. On the next screen, select Create Saved Search.
  4. On the Criteria tab, select the Posting, Account Type, and System Notes: Type options.

  5. On the Results tab, select the Date, Type, Document Number, Account, Memo, Amount (Debit), Amount (Credit), Source, System Notes: Date, and System Notes: Set by options.

    To avoid duplicate Date columns and make columns more readable, set the CUSTOM LABEL for System Notes: Date as Created Date, and System Notes: Set by as Created By

  6. Select Save & Run. When the results screen appears, click on the text document (Export - CSV) icon to export to CSV:
    Note: We do not recommend exporting to Excel because NetSuite Excel exports to XLS (not XLSX) format, which have a 65,536 row limitation.
  7. The resulting CSV file should be in a format like the following:

Next step, NetSuite: Transform the general ledger.

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