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Data Table Exports and Bulk Actions

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Simply put, bulk actions allow you to perform an action on multiple transactions simultaneously!

To perform a bulk action, begin by clicking the blue check-boxes to the left of each transaction you want to include in the bulk action.


After making some selections, click the Actions drop-down above the table to view the available bulk actions.


You can perform the following bulk actions to a selection:

  • Export Selection (as either XLSX or CSV): export the selected transactions, including all associated journal entries, into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Mark As Normal: mark the selected transactions as normal in MindBridge.
  • Create Tasks: Create tasks for your audit plan in MindBridge.

If you would like to select all of the transactions on a page, click the blue check-box beside the "Transaction #" column header. To select all of the transactions in the Data Table, click Select all in the blue banner.

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