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Amounts or Debits and Credits do not balance when importing GL into MindBridge

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The Problem

Debits and credits are not in balance, either in the Analysis period:


and/or overall, in Review Data: General Ledger:


or at the end under Integrity Checks:



Possible solutions

  • Solution #1: check your analysis period dates
    • Step 1: Check that the analysis period dates selected in MindBridge match the date range in your GL for the column you selected as Effective Date.
    • Step 2: Double check the date range in your date column(s) and that you mapped the correct column to Effective Date.
  • Solution #2: verify the signs in your debits and credits and/or amount column
    • Step 1: if you are mapping debits and credits, make sure that the amounts have default positive balance (best to check by account, including some asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expense accounts). If you are mapping one Amount column, make sure that all debit amounts have default positive balance and all credits have default negative balance.

  • Solution #3: try to tie the sum of account totals to subtotals in your file, if any
    • Step 1: calculate sum of debits and credits by account, for all transactions in your file, and compare each with the subtotal amounts for the corresponding account.
      • In Excel, this is best done with a pivot table, and SUMIFS() formulas to look up the subtotal amounts for each account and compare with the totals by account (if this makes no sense to you, feel free to reach out to our support team for help!). 
      • Note that the subtotal lines should not be included in the formatted GL file that you upload to MindBridge. If you need help removing these subtotals, please contact our support team.
    • Step 2: review accounts where the sum of the transactions by account do not tie to the subtotals in the file.
      • This will often narrow down where the discrepancy might be that you might need to consult your client about.
      • If there is no discrepancy, double check if the sum of the debits and credits of the subtotals balance out; they likely won't, in which case you can discuss this issue with your client.




If none of the solutions work, reach out to our amazing Support Team! :)

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