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GL data in Excel spans multiple worksheets

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The Problem

The GL data received from the client is on many worksheets. Because MindBridge can only read one single worksheet, an error like the following will appear when an Excel file with more than one worksheet is uploaded:

  MBER1129 - There were multiple sheets in your Excel file. We processed the first
  one, . We ignored the other sheet(s): . If you would like to process the other
  sheets, open your file in Excel, move each tab to a separate file, save the files,
  and upload them individually. - Args({processedSheet=Sheet2, remainingSheets=[Sheet1]})


Possible solutions

  • Solution #1: combine all sheets into one
    • Step 1: if the data has merged cells, unmerge them
      • select all sheets by right clicking on any tab and then clicking on Select All Sheetsmceclip0__2_.png
      • select all cells in all worksheets by clicking on the top left square to the left of column A and above row 1
      • Format -> Cells (keyboard shortcut Ctrl 1 on PC or command 1 on Mac)
      • click on Alignment, and make sure that Merge cells is uncheckedScreen_Shot_2020-11-06_at_22.23.49.png
    • Step 2: ensure that all worksheets are in the same format
      • Each worksheet must contain the exact same columns in the exact same position and order; e.g., account number in column A, account description in column B, memo in column C, debits in column D, credits in column E
    • Step 3: copy and paste the data from each worksheet into one single worksheet
  • Solution #2: in the following situations, feel free to submit a data request to our support team, which usually can write scripts to automate the process of combining to save you time and effort:
    • if there are too many rows to fit onto one Excel worksheet
    • additional formatting needs to be done (for example, degrouping)
    • there are many worksheets and many workbooks



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