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MBER1319, MBER1171 - Missing data

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One of the following errors appears when importing a general ledger file.

  • MBER1319 — Account information is missing on row #. Verify that all relevant account information is present before proceeding. 
  • MBER1171 — Mandatory data is missing in column X, row #. Verify that all relevant data is present before proceeding.


Note: These warnings can be ignored, and will not prevent you from running the analysis. However, to ensure all relevant data is present in the analysis, verify the source file for accuracy before proceeding.

Solution 1

Ensure that every entry in the general ledger that should be included in the analysis has an amount for account number, effective date, and either amount or debit or credit.

  • Rows that do not have all of these fields will be ignored, which could result in data missing from the analysis (such as the account number).

Solution 2

Ensure all columns are properly aligned.

  • If you are sure that each row has a value in all required fields, check for shifted columns. For example, if the debit or credit amounts do not appear\ in the expected columns for some rows farther down in the file.

Root cause

This error is an indication that required data is missing, either due to blank values in required columns or due to the column headers and the respective column data not being properly aligned.

For example, "Credits" header is in column J, but further down in the file some credit data was shifted and is found in column K.

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