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Error code: MBER1319, MBER1171

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Learn about error codes MBER1319 and MBER1171 and how to resolve them.


One of the following errors appears when importing a general ledger file.


MindBridge detected missing account information on row {rowNumber}. Ensure the necessary account information is included and try again.


MindBridge detected and ignored missing data in row {rowNumber) of the {columnName} column. Ensure all relevant data is present before proceeding.

What do these errors mean?

There might be some missing data from the mandatory columns that trigger these errors. Please make sure that the Account ID, Effective Date and Amount or Debit/Credit columns have no missing data, otherwise MindBridge automatically ignores the entire record.


Note: These warnings can be ignored and will not prevent you from running the analysis. However, to ensure all relevant data is present in the analysis, verify the source file for accuracy before proceeding.

Ensure that every entry in the general ledger that should be included in the analysis has a value for the account number.

Ensure all columns are properly aligned.

  • Every entry in the general ledger that should be included in the analysis has a value for account number, effective date, and either amount or debit or credit.
  • If you are sure each row has a value in all required fields, check for shifted columns. For example, the "Credits" header is in column J, but further down in the file, some credit data was shifted and is found in column K.

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