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How to prepare your Intacct account to function as a data import source in MindBridge

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Learn how to prepare your Intacct account to function as a data import source in MindBridge.

Note: Form fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be given the specified value in its exact form, whereas other fields are recommended but not mandatory.

Add Web Service Sender ID to Web Services authorizations

  1. In Intacct, navigate to the menu bar at the top and select CompanySetupConfigurationCompany, as illustrated below: intacct applications to company configuration menu open

  2. Under the Security tab scroll down to find the Web Services authorizations form: intacct company information screen

  3. Click Edit → Add a new Web Service authorization and enter the following values for each field:
    • Sender ID*: MindBridge-DEV
    • Description: MindBridge Ai Sync
    • Status*: Active
    intacct web services sender information filled out

  4. The new MindBridge Web Service authorization should now appear under Web Services authorizations: intacct web services authorizations with MindBridge information

  5. Return to the Intacct homepage by clicking Cancel or Save on the Company information form page.

Setup Web Service User

  1. Navigate to the menu bar at the top and select CompanyAdminWeb Services users: intacct applications to company to web services users menu highlighted

  2. Click Add and enter the following information for each field:
    • User ID: mindbridge-sync
    • First name: mindbridge-sync
    • Last name: mindbridge-sync
    • Email address: (client's email)
    • User type*: Business
    • Admin privileges*: Limited
    • Status*: Active
    intacct web services user information screen filled out with MindBridge information

  3. Navigate to the Roles information tab and add a new role. Enter the following information for each field:
    • Name: MindBridgeAi-sync
    • Description: MindBridge Ai Sync
    intacct roles information screen with MindBridge information filled out

  4. Save the added user role. You will be emailed the user credentials, which you will want to save to later create the data connection in MindBridge.

  5. Navigate to the menu bar at the top and select CompanyAdminRoles: intacct company menu to company to roles highlighted

  6. Identify your newly added role and select Subscriptions: intacct roles screen

  7. For each Application/Module, set all permissions to Read-only (you will need to scroll down to complete this process for the Reports permission groups): intacct administration permissions screen

  8. Once this is completed click Save.

Test and Troubleshoot

  1. Have your Auditor create an engagement in MindBridge and add a General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable analysis.

  2. Have your Auditor add a new data source connection by clicking Connect data source. Select Sage Intacct and enter the login credentials defined in Intacct after completing the instructions above (i.e. User ID, User Password, Company ID).

    If the entered credentials are unsuccessful, please consider the following potential causes within your Intacct configuration:
    • The MindBridge Sender ID has not been added under Web Services authorizations (see Step 3 of “Add Web Service Sender ID to Web Services authorizations”)
    • The user credentials entered does not exist, or has been disabled in Intacct.
    • The user credentials entered were not assigned limited or full admin privileges in Intacct (see Step 2 of “Setup Web Service User”)
    • The user credentials entered does not have the role configured correctly in Intaact (see Step 2-4 of “Setup Web Service User”)

  3. Once connected, configure the data source and pull all file types available for each analysis type on your engagement data page.
    If the file extraction process fails, please consider the follow potential cause:
    • The user credentials entered lack the appropriate subscription permissions (see Step 6-7 of “Setup Web Service User”). This is common for Accounts Receivable report extracts for End of Period - Outstanding Receivables List and Start of Period - Outstanding Receivables List, as adjusting these report permissions to “Read Only” requires you to scroll down to the the very bottom of the Subscription Administration Permissions page illustrated in Step 7 of “Setup Web Service User”.

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