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Submit a data formatting request to customer support

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Learn how to request assistance with data formatting from the MindBridge Customer Support Team.


Before making a data formatting request, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an organization
  2. Create an engagement
  3. Create an analysis
  4. Upload all unformatted data files into the File Locker
Note: Set the correct ERP in the Engagement Settings before submitting a ticket so the Customer Support team can quickly identify any pre-existing script to format the data, as well as develop tools to format future data more efficiently.
Tip: If your ERP is not in the "Financial management system" menu, you can type it in directly, then press Enter/Return to apply it.


  1. On the Data page, select Get Assistance within the analysis that requires data formatting support.
    A pop-up window appears.
  2. In the MindBridge assist section, provide a due date and relevant comments.
  3. Use the I agree to grant access checkbox to confirm your consent.
  4. Grant Access to the engagement.

Tip: When adding comments, be sure to include the following:

  • That you require data formatting support.
  • Whether you require assistance combining multiple files.
  • For General Ledger formatting, specify what the account number should look like. For example which column contains the correct account number or specify any modifications that must be applied (i.e. extract the last 6 digits for the account number, remove dashes).

Here are 2 example comments:

“I need GLFileA.csv which contains multiple sheets, combined into a single sheet and have imported as one complete general ledger file. Finally, I need my OpeningBalance.csv to be formatted so MindBridge can ingest it. Thank you very much!”

“I need GLFileA.csv combined with GLFileB.csv to have uploaded as one complete general ledger file. Please let me know where I should be importing the files to be combined and imported into the tool. Thank you very much!”

Once your data formatting support request has been submitted, you will see a notification confirming that you granted MindBridge access to this engagement, as well as an email notification. 

Our team will reach out to arrange the data exchange process.

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