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My Date Field wasn't Detected During Column Mapping

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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When importing data, date fields are required in some datasets. This helps MindBridge analyze, for example, customer or vendor aging, old unpaid invoices, and more. 

The format required for dates is “yyyy-mm-dd.” This is validated during the account mapping (link). 

If you receive an error while mapping your date fields, it’s possible that the dates found in your dataset do not conform to the format listed above (yyyy-mm-dd). 

Errors most commonly arise when the day value (dd) is missing from the date string. (This is missing because….. Is it in another column? Why would the date be missing?). 

To overcome this, provide an appropriate day value (1-31) in the date string in your dataset and re-import the file. 

This error is not limited to the day value, either. Errors can also be caused by missing month (mm) or year (yyyy) values. If that’s the case, add the value missing from your dataset and re-import the file.

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