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User roles available in MindBridge

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Learn about the different levels of access people using MindBridge may have.

User roles

There are 2 layers of access within MindBridge: the Tenant level and the Organization level. Every user will have a combination of user roles (i.e.; a role at the tenant level and a role at the organization level, for each organization). 



Tenant Admin Organization Creator User
Organization Manager Auditor  

The descriptions for each of these roles, found below, provide guidance in understanding what set of roles each user should have.

Tenant level


Admins can create organizations and engagements, and can access all organizations and engagement within the tenant. They can create account groupings and libraries, adjust control points, download reports, and have Manager access to every organization within the tenant. They can also add, disable, and edit user roles on both the tenant and organization levels.

Organization Creator

As the default, this is likely the most popular role in a tenant. Organization Creators can create new  organizations. They automatically become Managers of organizations they create, but can invite other tenant users to their organizations as Managers or Auditors.

Role limitations

  • Can only access organizations and engagements they created or to which they have been invited.
  • Can only create engagements within organizations they created or have been invited to as a Manager


The second most popular role within a tenant, Users may create new engagements within organizations they have been invited to as a Manager, but otherwise can only access organizations and engagements they have been invited to. 

Role limitations

  • Users cannot create organizations.

Organization level


Managers can create engagements and add, delete, and change user access levels within the organizations they manage. They can also perform tasks on engagements within their organizations, such as add and delete files and analyses, change control point settings, change engagement settings, add and delete tasks, and export all reports, ratios, etc.


The most restrictive level of access, Auditors cannot create engagements, delete any data, nor change any settings or levels of user access. 

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