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Sage 100 ERP (US): General Ledger Export

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Learn about the process of exporting data from Sage 100 ERP (US).


Source: Exporting Data from Sage 100 ERP (US)

  1. Step 1 - Log in to Sage 100 ERP. You will see the landing page, as shown below.
    sage 100 landing page

  2. Step 2 - Within the Tasks tab on the left-hand side of the landing page, click the Modules folder to expand the list of Sage 100 ERP modules.
    sage 100 tasks menu open with modules selected

  3. Step 3 - Within the Tasks tab’s expanded list of modules, click the General Ledger folder to expand the list of available sub-folders related to general ledger functions.
    sage 100 modules option open with general leder selected

  4. Step 4 - Within the Task tab’s expanded General Ledger folder, click the Utilities folder. The expanded list of tasks available within the Utilities folder will appear in the right-hand window.
    sage 100 utilities folder open

  5. Step-5 - Select the General Ledger Exchange task within the right-hand window. Sage will display the Sage ERP Change Accounting Date window. Accept the default if you want the latest information included in your export. (Note: This is not the export period dates, this is they date through which the general ledger has been updated.) Click OK.
    Sage 100 change accounting date screen

  6. Step 6 - Sage will display the General Ledger Exchange interface listing recent exchange settings. Click the New Exchange Setting button in the lower-left to configure a new export of data.
    Sage 100 general ledger exchange screen with new exchange setting highlighted

  7. Step 7 - Sage opens the General Ledger Exchange Settings Wizard, click Next to configure the export.
    Sage 100 general ledger exchange settings wizard with next button highlighted

  8. Step 8 - The wizard takes you step-by-step through the process of configuring your export. Select Export Data, then click Next to proceed.
    Sage 100 general ledger exchange settings wizard with export data selected and next button highlighted

  9. Step 9 - Select the type of data you want to export:
    • Accounts - exports your Chart of Accounts,
    • Budget & Activity - exports your budget data or account activity by fiscal period, or,
    • Transactions - exports transaction detail from the General ledger Detail Posting file. In this article, we are discussing the export of transactions so we will select Transactions within the export type box, and then click Next.

  10. Step 10 - Provide a name for this exchange setting. The name is required, but the description is optional. Once completed, click Next to go to the next screen.
    Sage 100 general ledger exchane settings wizard
  11. Step 11 - The Wizard will ask you to select which specific transactions you want to include in the export. Default setting: Transaction fields are set to 'all'.


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