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Sage 100 ERP (US): Export the general ledger

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Learn about the process of exporting a general ledger file from Sage 100 ERP (US).


  • We recommend exporting to CSV because Sage 100 ERP (US) Excel exports are to XLSX files, which have a 1,048,576 row limitation.

Extract data

Watch the following video on how to extract data or read the steps outlined below.

Open the video in YouTube for high resolution. 


  1. Log in to Sage 100 ERP (US). You will see the Home tab, as shown below.

  2. Within the Modules section on the left-hand side of the Home tab, select General Ledger.
    Sage will display the Sage 100 Change Accounting Date window.
    Accept the default date if you want the latest information included in your export. (Note: This is not the export period dates, this is the date through which the general ledger has been updated.)
  3. When you are satisfied, select OK.3.png

  4. Within the General Ledger module, expand Utilities and select General Ledger Exchange.MicrosoftTeams-image__3_.png

  5. Sage will display the General Ledger Exchange interface listing recent exchange settings.
    Select the New Exchange Setting button in the lower-left to configure a new export of data.4.png

  6. Sage opens the General Ledger Exchange Settings Wizard.
    Select Next to configure the export.5.png

  7. Select Export Data, then select Next to proceed.6.png

  8. Select Transactions and select Next. 7_new.png

  9. Provide a name for this exchange setting. The name is required, but the description is optional.
  10. Once completed, select Next to go to the next screen.9.png

  11. Select transactions you want to include in the export. Default setting: Transaction fields are set to 'All'. Specify the Posting date range.
  12. When you are satisfied, select Next.

  13. Select CSV as the Exchange File Type, then select where you want to save the produced file.

  14. Select Standard File Format, then select Next11_new.png

  15. Select Finish to complete the General Ledger Exchange Wizard.12_new.png

  16. Sage will take you back to the the General Ledger Exchange.
    Select the produced file, then select Proceed.
    The file is saved on your local machine in the location you specified in the step 10.13.jpg

  17. The exported file should look like this: 18.PNG

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