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Performing Bulk Actions on Tasks

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This article will show you how to perform bulk actions on the tasks in your audit plan.


To perform this task, start by navigating to your engagement’s audit plan.


To perform a bulk action on several tasks, check the box beside the tasks in question.


NOTE: To perform a bulk action on all tasks in the data table's current page, click Select all in the blue ribbon.

Click the Action drop-down in the page’s blue area to expose the available bulk options.


Bulk Action: Delete Tasks

Click Delete to permanently delete the selected tasks.


Bulk Action: Assign Tasks to a User

Click Assign Tasks to a User to assign all the selected tasks to a single user, in one operation. 


Type in the email or name of the user to whom you would like to assign the tasks, and click Save.

NOTE: You can only assign tasks to existing MindBridge users.

Bulk Action: Comment on Tasks

Click Comment on Tasks to add the same comment to several tasks, in one operation. Add your comment in the Comment text field and click save to add the comment to the selected tasks.


Bulk Action: Export Selection as XLSX or CSV

Click Export Selection as XLSX to export your selected tasks as an XLSX file. Click Export Selection as CSV to export your selected tasks as a CSV file. The file will begin downloading as soon as you select the action in the drop-down.


The file will download to your browser’s default location.


To learn more about the different export formats, visit the following articles:


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