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Create an Account Grouping from the template

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Accounts must be mapped to an appropriate MAC code in order for MindBridge’s control points to function correctly. Creating your own account grouping allows you to replace the MAC code accounts displayed across MindBridge’s interface with your own.

Learn how to create an account grouping using the template provided.


You must be an Admin to access Account groupings. 

Navigate to the Account Groupings tab

  1. Open the sidebar from anywhere in MindBridge.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select the Account groupings tab.
    You will see a list view of all the account groupings available in your tenant.


Account groupings teach MindBridge the structure of your account hierarchy. After importing an account grouping, MindBridge’s analytics, tables, and trends reflect the accounts imported in the account grouping.

The following columns are included in the MindBridge account grouping Microsoft Excel* template. 

Column name Contents Required
Name The name of the new account grouping. This is displayed under Admin > Account groupings.
Code Display Name The custom code number from the ERP system, displayed during the account mapping process.
Delimiter Not used.
Code The account being referenced in the new hierarchy. For example, "Current Assets" may reference code "10.2" Yes
Level 1 The primary account grouping. For example, "Assets." Yes
Level 2 The secondary account grouping. For example, "Current Assets." Yes
Level 3 The tertiary account grouping. For example, "Cash and Cash Equivalent." Recommended
Level 4 The most granular account account grouping. For example, "Cash." Recommended
Account Tags Used to assist the account mapping process. Multiple tags can be separated by comma. No
Industry Tags Tags that can be filtered to build more specific libraries. Multiple tags can be separated by comma. Yes
MAC code The code hierarchy MindBridge uses to map accounts to a single, consistent classification system.  Yes

*Microsoft, Word, and Excel are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

Map MAC codes to the most granular level

MAC codes may appear over 4 levels and are used to specify accounts. Each level indicates a higher level of account granularity. For example,

  • Assets (Level 1)
    • Current Assets (Level 2)
      • Cash and Cash Equivalent (Level 3)
        • Cash (Level 4)
Only the deepest account level must be mapped. MindBridge will automatically fill in the account mappings for the higher levels.
account grouping template
When you are satisfied, save the file as a comma-separated file (CSV) or Excel file, then import the account groupings via the account groupings template.

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