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Import account groupings via template

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Learn how to import new account groupings from the account groupings template.

Configuration details

You must be an App Admin to import account groupings via template.

Go to the Account groupings tab

  1. Open the MindBridge sidebar.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select the Account groupings tab.
    You will see a list view of all the account groupings available in your tenant.

Export the template

  1. Select Create account grouping.
    A pop-up window appears.
  2. In the Excel Template section, select Export Template.
    The account grouping template exports.
  3. Create an account grouping using the template and save your work.

Import the completed template

  1. On the Account groupings tab, select Create account grouping.
    A pop-up window appears.
  2. Select Excel Template.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Name the account grouping. 
  5. Select the Excel template to import with drag and drop or browse your computer.
    When you select the file to import, MindBridge begins importing and validating the Excel template.
  6. When the import process has completed, select Next.
    The table updates to display the columns from your template file.
  7. Verify that your accounts are properly mapped to the appropriate MAC code, and ensure every account has the proper account tags and industry tags.
  8. When you are satisfied, Publish your new account grouping.
    A pop-up window appears indicating that changes cannot be made to an account grouping once it is published.
  9. Confirm your decision to publish.

Use the account grouping

New account groupings are available for use on the Account groupings tab.


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