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General Ledger - Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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You can save the General Ledger as an .xls file.

  1. Open the General Ledger detail information
  2. Select the Printer Setup button.
  3. Click in the Print to file check box, and click the Select File button.
  4. Enter a file name and click the Save as type to select Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (*.xls)
  5. Be sure to select a location you can browse to in order to open the saved Excel file.

Alternately you can export an inquiry directly to MS Excel.

  1. Select an inquiry and range and condition on the information you want, (such as “G/L Account & Transactions)
  2. Select the Export to Excel button from the Inquiry toolbar.

Exporting G/L Document link here

Sage 300 Inquiry tool link here

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