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MindBridge For-Profit Library

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The For-Profit library uses an account grouping structure facilitating for-profit accounting. This library includes ratios specific to for-profit use cases such as Gross Profit and control points such as Expert Score.

MindBridge For-Profit - Account Grouping

The For-Profit Library uses the MindBridge Account Classification (MAC).

MindBridge For-Profit - Ratios

The For-Profit Library contains MindBridge’s 28 predefined core ratios.

MindBridge For-Profit - Filters

The For-Profit library includes 16 predefined filters made to help you narrow your search results when viewing an Engagement’s transactions in the Data Table dashboard. MindBridge’s predefined For-Profit filters fall into the following categories:

Standard Filters:

  • Transactions near Analysis Period End
  • Transactions near Period End
  • Manual Transactions near Analysis Period End
  • Manual Transactions near Period End
  • Material Transactions near Analysis Period End
  • Material Transactions near Period End

Revenue Filters:

  • Reversed Revenue or Reversal of Revenue
  • Revenue
  • Other Income

Purchasing Cycle Filters:

  • Cost of Sale
  • Expenditure
  • Payroll Transaction
  • Repairs and Maintenance Review

Additional Assurance Filters:

  • High Impact Order
  • MindBridge AI Journal Entry Testing
  • Unusual Transactions

MindBridge For-Profit Control Points

The For-Profit library contains MindBridge’s 28 rules-based, statistical, and machine learning Control Points.

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