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Apply a library to a new engagement

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Learn how to apply a library to a new engagement.

Go to the Engagements page

  1. Select the logo in the MindBridge sidebar.
    You will go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization, or click anywhere in the organization row.
    You will go to the Engagements page.

Add a library to a new engagement

Note: You can only apply a library to a preexisting engagement that has not had an analysis run. From the Organizations page (MindBridge’s default homepage), navigate to the organization containing your engagement and click View Organization.
  1. Select Create Engagement.
    You will go to the Create Engagement page.
  2. Open the Library menu and make a selection.
  3. Fill out the rest of the form and select Create engagement.

To learn more about this process, visit Create an engagement

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