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MindBridge Libraries - General Overview

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Learn about using libraries in MindBridge.


Libraries allow you to tailor MindBridge’s settings to suit your unique workflow. You can set up libraries that are based on your client's industry or the specific needs of your organization. You can adjust a library’s ratios, filters, account groupings, industry tags, and control points.

Libraries can also be reused across multiple engagements! We provide predefined libraries to get you started, but they can be duplicated so you can create customized versions of preexisting libraries.

Predefined Libraries

Listed below are the three predefined libraries in MindBridge. These libraries also serve as a starting point for creating new custom libraries.

This library uses the MindBridge Account Classification (MAC) system for account groupings. This library supports all of MindBridge's ratios and analyses.

This library’s account grouping structure accommodates not-for-profit concepts such as contributions and grants. It also includes ratios specific to a not-for-profit workflow. The Not-For-Profit library contains ratios such as Operating Reserve and Change in Net Assets.

This library supports workflows leveraging fund accounting. If you capture fund details within your workflow, this is the library for you. This library’s structure facilitates concepts and ratios specific to not-for-profit, such as Liquid Funds Amount.

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