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Sage 300 ERP: Export the general ledger

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Learn how to export a general ledger file from Sage 300 ERP.


  • Sage 300 ERP is previously known as ACCPAC. 
  • The demo company Sample Company Inc. is being used in this guide.
  • We recommend exporting to CSV because Sage 300 ERP Excel exports require additional data formatting before importing into MindBridge.

Extract data

Watch the following video on how to extract data or read the steps outlined below.

Open the video in YouTube for high resolution. 

  1. Navigate to the General Ledger submenu in the sidebar.
  2. Click G/L Reports.1.JPG

  3. Click Print Destination and set it to Preview. 2.JPG 
  4. Under G/L Reports, select Transactions Listing.3.JPG

  5. Specify the date range. Keep the other report options as they are. Click Print.4.JPG 

  6. The report that is produced should look like the image below. Click on Export Report icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  7. Select CSV from the drop-down and click OK.5.JPG

  8. Keep Delimiter as it is and select Tab as Separator. 
  9. Select Do not export under the Report and Page sections. 6.JPG

  10. Save the exported file to your computer.7.JPG

  11. The exported file should look like this:8.JPG

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