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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP): Export the general ledger

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Learn about the process of exporting a general ledger file from Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP).


Depending on your version of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP), the layout may be different but the reports should be in the same location as the screenshots below.

Extract data

  1. From the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, select Smart List.image__100_.png

  2. Navigate to Financial → Account Transactions and select the first sub-group marked with the asterisk (*).image_-_2021-01-06T160858.822.png

  3. Add additional columns if required.image_-_2021-01-06T160942.627.pngimage_-_2021-01-06T162219.110.pngimage_-_2021-01-06T162421.268.png

  4. Select the date range.image_-_2021-01-06T162650.108.png

  5. When you have the results, Export to Excel.image_-_2021-01-06T162822.711.png

  6. The exported file should look like this:Capture.JPG

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