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Epicor: Export the general ledger

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Learn about the process of extracting general ledger data from Epicor.



This guide is written for Epicor ERP 10.
The same advice should work for Epicor ERP 9, or similar versions.

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Extract data 

  1. Within navigate to Business Activity Queries within System Management. 
  2. Select Business Activity Query (aka. BAQ).
  3. Select from the GL Report.
  4. Select “rules” on a per report basis to ensure you have the right fields in your report.
    If available you should look to add the following fields to your report: 
    • Transaction ID
    • Account Number
    • Account Description
    • Posted Date
    • Amount (or Debit + Credit)
    • Memo
    • User
    • Transaction Type
  5. Click into the “Analyze” tab to test the Query. Ensure it looks correct. 
  6. Right-click in the rules selection area to see the copy and paste options.
  7. You can either select “Copy All” to paste into Excel later or “Copy to Excel” to export directly to an Excel sheet. 


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