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Data table: Views, columns, and sorting

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The data table dashboard can be configured to provide a more effective review of your data.

Learn about the different views available in the data table and how to manipulate and organize columns.


Before using the dashboard, find out how to access the Data table tab.

View by Transactions or Entries

The data table can be configured to display either transactions or entries using the View menu, located above the table.


Viewing by transactions displays all of the transactions in the general ledger. 

Each transaction contains a list of its entries nested below. Use the chevron to the left of the transaction ID to expand and collapse the list. 

Entries view

Viewing by entries displays every line item in the general ledger. 

Transaction/Entry details

Drill into a transaction or entry on the data table to see its details.

The details page provides additional information regarding the control points triggered by the transaction or entry.

Organize columns

Sort a column

Sort columns in ascending or descending order by selecting the column header. The darker triangle indicates the sort order.

Reorder columns

Click and drag the desired column header left or right into its new location.

Add and remove columns

Open the Columns menu on the right side of the table and check the box next to each column you want to display.

Pin a column

Pinning columns ensures they will stay in view when scrolling horizontally.

Open the menu on the column header you want to pin and select Pin Column, then choose the pin location on the table: Left, Right or No Pin (default). 


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