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Keyword search: General ledger

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Keywords (i.e., search terms) can be used to find specific data within the data table.

Learn how to use keywords in the data table.

Go to the Data table tab

  1. Select the icon in the MindBridge sidebar
    You will go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization, or click anywhere in the organization row. 
    You will go to the Engagements page.
  3. Select View in line with the desired engagement, or click anywhere in the engagement row. 
    You will go to the Data page.
  4. Select View Analysis in line with the desired analysis. 
    You will go to the Analyze page.
  5. Select the Data table tab.

Tip: If you are already in an analysis, use the sidebar ( Sidebar_open-close_icon.svg ) to open the Analyze menu ( Analyze_menu_icon.svg ), select the name of the analysis you want to see, then go to the Data table tab.


Filter the data table for specific entries or outstanding entries using keywords from the following columns:

  • Transaction Number
  • Account Number
  • Account Description (for example, Name)
  • Monetary Value (do not add cent ¢ sign)
  • Memo Value found in Memo field (if applicable)
  • Custom Column Values (for example, Custom Column Transaction_Source contains m, simply search for "m")

Filtering for keywords

You can search for exact matches and partial matches on any single term that appears in the data table, such as "hedge." 

Note: MindBridge cannot currently search for key phrases (such as "hedge fund"), but key phrases can be added to relevant control point settings. Additionally, partial matches will only work for prefixes, meaning that if the supplied term is "hedge" searching for "hed" will work, but "dge" will not.

Use the search bar

  1. Enter the keyword into the Search field.
  2. To search, press enter/return on your keyboard, or select the magnifying glass icon ( Search_icon.svg ).
    The data table displays entries that match your search criteria.

Use the X icon to the right of a term to clear the field and reset the data table.

Use the filter builder

Unlike the search bar, the filter builder allows you to save your filter parameters for future use.

  1. Open the filter builder.
  2. Select Add a condition.
  3. Select Keyword.
  4. Enter the keyword you want to filter for, then press enter/return on your keyboard.
  5. Apply the keyword to the filter builder.
  6. When you are satisfied, Apply the filter to the data table.

Select Cancel to discard your recent changes and go back to the data table. 

Select Reset filter to clear all conditions from the filter builder and go back to the data table.

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