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View an organization

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Learn how to navigate to the Organizations page from anywhere within MindBridge.


The Organizations page is the default page when logging in to MindBridge. Here you'll see a list of organizations that you own or belong to, which in turn house the engagements you can access. 

Note: You will only see organizations you have been added to or have created. If you do not see an organization, reach out to the person who created the organization, a Manager within the organization, or an Admin at your firm to request access.

Search for an organization

To search for an organization using keywords, use the search bar at the top of the page. 

Open an organization

To view an organization and the engagements within it, use the View button in line with the organization. You will be taken to the organization’s Engagements page, which lists out all of the engagements within the organization as separate rows.

Navigate to the Organizations page

From any page

Select the logo at the top of the MindBridge sidebar. You will go to the Organizations page.

From the Engagements page

  1. Select the menu icon ( Sidebar open-close icon.svg ) to open the sidebar.
  2. Select View all organizations.
    You will be taken back to the Organizations page where you will see all your organizations listed.

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