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Uncommon data import errors

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Learn how to resolve internal processing errors that may occur while running the analysis. 


One of the following error codes appears when attempting to run an analysis:

MBER1179, MBER2400, MBER2401, MBER2402, MBER2403, MBER2404, MBER2405, MBER2406, MBER2407, MBER2408, MBER2409, MBER2410, MBER2411, MBER2412, MBER2413, MBER2414, MBER2415, MBER2416, MBER2417, MBER2418, MBER2419, MBER2420, MBER2421, MBER2422, MBER2423, MBER2424.


First, try re-importing the data. After 3 attempts, MindBridge will automatically log a support ticket, and the Customer Support team will reach out to help you resolve the issue.

For immediate assistance, get in touch with us through the in-app chat, Get Assistance, or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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