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User management: Export full user list

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MindBridge allows you to generate a comprehensive .xlsx export that contains details about past and present users within a given tenant.

Learn how to export the user list, and review the export overview for details about data included in the export.

Go to the Admin settings

Only App Admins and User Admins can access the Admin settings and export the user list.

  1. Open the MindBridge sidebar ( Sidebar open-close icon.svg ).
  2. Select the Admin icon ( Admin icon.svg ).
  3. Go to the User management tab.
    You will go the User Management tab on the Admin page.

Export list of users

Select Export users, located at the top-right of the User management tab. The .xlsx file will be exported to your default download location.


This export contains a single sheet with the following columns of information:

  • Email: The email address used to create the MindBridge account for the given user.

  • First name: The user's first name.

  • Last name: The user's last name.

  • Role: The MindBridge role assigned to the user.

  • Status: The user's status at the point of time that the export was generated.

  • Added by: The person or system that added the user to the MindBridge tenant.
  • Date added: The date that the user was first added to the tenant.

  • Last login date: The date on which the user last signed into the tenant.

  • Last login time: The time of day at which the user last signed into the tenant.
Note: This export uses the YYYY-MM-DD date format, and a 24-hour time format showing hours and minutes.

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