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MBER1919 - GDPdU file could not be unpacked

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Tasha Kociszewski
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The problem

The error below occurs if an imported GDPdU zip file does not contain a DTD file.


GDPdU files are database exports. If an export has been manually manipulated or saved incorrectly, it may not contain all of the necessary files to import and unpack properly.

MindBridge requires that a DTD file is present in order to specify the format standard and validate the index.xml file (also required). In the first 2 lines, the .xml file shows which DTD file it is using:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE DataSet SYSTEM "gdpdu-01-08-2002.dtd"[]>
<Version />


Possible solutions

Solution #1

Re-import the GDPdU zip file with the included DTD file.

Solution #2

Re-export from the original ERP, compress it, and re-import the zip file with the included DTD file.


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