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Common GDPdU data formatting steps

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Depending on your ERP extract, you may need to do further data formatting of your GDPdU data before it can be loaded into MindBridge.

Recommended process

  1. Extract your GDPdU as usual. For details, see Import GDPdU files into MindBridge.
  2. Export the file.
  3. Format as required.
  4. Import into your analysis.

Convert amounts including debit credit indicator

Some amounts are represented by an Amount column and a Debit/Credit indicator (for example, "S/H")

You need to provide the new amount such that debit values are positive and credit values are negative:

Amount Debit/Credit Indicator
1234.56 S
3141.59 S
2718.28 H
602.23 H
667.11 S


After conversion



Removing "mirrored" entries from "transitory" accounts

Some ERPs include entries from transitory accounts. These entries cause the file to be unbalanced, are extraneous, and therefore need to be removed before uploading.

For example, the first line in the following is from a transitory account and needs to be removed from the data set before loading.

Account Type Debit Credit
20000 K 0.00 495.00
33000 S 0.00 495.00
65400 S 45.00 0.00
14060 S 450.00 0.00


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