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Import GDPdU files into MindBridge

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Learn how to import and format a GDPdU zip file with the file manager.

Configuration details

To access the file manager, you must create an analysis.

Go to the File manager page

Open the MindBridge sidebar ( Sidebar_open-close_icon ) and select File manager ( File_manager_icon ) to open it.

Import a file into the file manager

To start the import process, you can either:

  • Select Import to browse your computer for a file, or
  • Drag and drop a file from your computer into the file manager.

The file appears in the file manager and MindBridge proceeds to validate the data.

Note: While MindBridge validates the file's data, you can rename, export, or delete the file, but all other actions will be disabled until the data validation has completed.

Format GDPdU .zip files for MindBridge

Note: This menu option only applies to zip files belonging to German tenants.
  1. Open the Actions menu in line with the file you want to format.
  2. Select Format GDPdU.
    MindBridge will unzip and format the file.
    Once the file is formatted, MindBridge will save it to a new folder with the same name.

Additional actions

Review how to use the file manager to learn about additional actions such as renaming, exporting, and deleting files and folders.

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