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Xero: Opening balances export guide

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Learn how to export opening balances from Xero for use in MindBridge.


  1. Open Xero.

  2. Go to the Accounting tab, then select Reports.



  3. Under the Accounting section, select General Ledger.



  4. In the General Ledger Report, set the appropriate date range for your analysis period, then select Show YTD.



  5. Export the general ledger report to Excel.



  6. In Excel, delete rows 1-4 and row 6.
    The column headers are now in row 1, with no blank rows. Your formatted file should have the same structure as the image below.



  7. Separate the account descriptions from the account codes as follows:

    1. Create a new column to the right of the Account column.

    2. Name the column Account Number.

    3. Enter the following formula into B2:



  8. Copy the formula to the bottom of your spreadsheet.



  9. Select column B, then copy and paste the values to remove the completed formulas:Image8.gif

  10. With column B selected, perform a find and replace to remove all right brackets.



  11. Delete the Total row from the bottom of your report.
    Your file is complete and should look like this:



  12. Save the formatted file in .CSV format.

  13. Import the file into MindBridge.

  14. Map your columns as follows:

    • Account ID to Account Number

    • Balance to Opening Balance

    • Account description to Account



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