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What to do when your completeness check report shows unexpected imbalances?

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Here are a few tips on what to do when your completeness check report shows unexpected imbalances.



1) Choose an example account number to test

In this example, we will look at account 1000 below.



2) Check whether the supplied opening and closing balances in your completeness check report align with the imported trial balance totals for this account number.

In the example below we can see that the opening and closing balance in the trial balance match the completeness check.



3) If the trial balance totals align with the supplied totals, open your imported GL file:

  • Filter for the account number being tested and calculate the subtotal of the Amount column.
  • Check whether this subtotal aligns with the "Supplied Delta" value in the completeness check report.
  • If it does not align with the reported value, please reach out through Get Assistance or Chat


4) If it does align with the reported value, ask:

  • Did I import a complete general ledger file for the fiscal year?
  • Are there any adjustments or reclassifications I should be aware of for these accounts?
  • Did I import the correct closing balance file that reflects the timeline of general ledger activity imported? (for example, if your general ledger does not contain year-end adjustments, you should be uploading a pre-adjustment closing balance)?
  • Is this account number formatted differently throughout the general ledger file and/or between the trial balance and general ledger file account number formats?

In this example, there were no transactions against account 1000 in the GL. We proceeded by connecting with the client to see if there is an entry missing from this account. 


5) If the trial balance totals do not align with the supplied totals:

  • First check if you mapped the correct columns in your opening and closing balance file imports
  • If everything is mapped correctly, please contact your customer success manager for level 2 support.
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