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Bulk Actions for Account Mapping

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While you can map your accounts one-by-one in MindBridge, you can also map multiple accounts at once using the following method. This is helpful when you need to map many accounts to the same mapping code.


To perform this task you will need to first navigate to the engagement's Data page


From the engagement's Data page, click Verify Mapping in the analysis' Account Mapping section to go to the Account Mapping Settings page.

Note: If your accounts have already been verified, this button will be a View button.


To assign a mapping to multiple accounts, select the accounts you would like to map by clicking the check boxes in the left side of the accounts list.


A banner will appear as soon as accounts are selected. From the Actions menu select the Edit account type option.


A window will pop up allowing you to search for, or select the mapping code from the drop down list, to assign it to the selected accounts. Once the mapping code is selected, use the Done button to save the mapping.


Any account mappings assigned using this method will set the status of the account to Manual, indicating that the account mapping has been completed manually by a user, versus automatically through the use of a chart of accounts file.


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