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Why does MindBridge say my general ledger is out of balance?

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Learn why the general ledger is out of balance in MindBridge, even though the raw data file is balanced.


1. Rows have been ignored from the analysis.

A transaction ID may have been applied where not all rows contain the required data. These rows are ignored in the analysis, which may leave the remaining entries out of balance.

Check for ignored data rows in the last data integrity check.



2. Out-of-period entries present.

Entries may exist outside of the defined analysis period dates. These entries are not included within the analysis, causing the rest of the entries to be out of balance.

Check for out-of-period entries in the Analysis Period step of the import process.



3. There is a filter applied to the raw data file only showing entries that balance to zero.

Since MindBridge reads all data within the file, all filters should be removed before importing the file. Also before importing, ensure the whole general ledger file is balanced.


4. There are negative credit values.

Credit values must be imported as absolute values. MindBridge assumes credit values are negative, and will automatically subtract these values.

If credit amounts are imported as negative values, MindBridge considers these as positive values (they are now double negatives), resulting in doubling the overall balance of the file.


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