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Engagement settings: General settings and engagement planning

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The General settings tab is the default page you will be taken to when accessing an engagement's settings.

Learn about the various fields available when creating or editing an engagement.


Go to the engagement settings.

General settings and engagement planning

You can update information the following fields:

  • Engagement name: The name you or your team have given the engagement.
  • Library: The library selected by your firm is comprised of filters, ratios, control point settings, and account groupings specific to the appropriate industry. Libraries are configured and managed by your administrator. Learn more about libraries.
  • Reporting frequency: The frequency with which your client's financial data is reported.
  • Fiscal start month: The month in which the fiscal period begins.
  • Fiscal start day: The day of the month on which the fiscal period begins.
  • Fieldwork start date: The date on which teams begin their onsite work. Used for engagement planning, this field does not affect risk scoring or analytics.
  • Billing code: Associates engagements and analyses with clients to ensure those clients are billed appropriately for MindBridge usage.
  • Industry: The primary business activities of the company under audit. You can select a pre-populated option from the menu or enter your own into the field.
  • Financial Management System: The system from which you will be exporting financial data. You can select a pre-populated option from the menu or enter your own into the field.
  • Engagement lead: The primary contact responsible for leading the audit. They will receive any proactive communication from Customer Support about financial management system documentation, support, etc.
  • Auditors: They can only access engagements they have been given access to, where they can load and export data but cannot adjust general or control point settings (optional).
  • Managers: Appointed at the organization level and have access to all engagements within the organization.

When you are satisfied with your changes, Save your work.

Note: The fiscal start month, fiscal start day, and reporting frequency fields impact the analysis results. If you make changes to those fields you will need to re-run your analysis.

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