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Quick start guide: Set up and run a GL analysis

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You can create several types of analyses within MindBridge, including a complete analysis of the general ledger. A general ledger analysis runs MindBridge's advanced suite of AI techniques against 100% of a company's general ledger data in order to find anomalies, errors, irregularities, other forms of financial and operational risk.

Below you can find a typical analysis creation workflow laid out from start to finish, with links to helpful guides.

Tip: Alternatively, learn how to roll an existing analysis forward.

Configuration details

An App Admin must have set up the necessary library, organization, and engagement settings, as well as relevant account groupings for your engagement.

Setup and run a new analysis

  1. Create an analysis
  2. Import your files
  3. Verify your account grouping and account mappings
  4. Run a pre-analysis completeness check
  5. Run the analysis
  6. Optionally, import adjustments, reclassifications, and eliminations and re-run the analysis

See the results of MindBridge's risk analytics across the various analysis dashboards.

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